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Greenhouse/Polyhouses - Developing micro-climate for farmers.

Micro-climate existence in Greenhouse/Poly-house. When i was young, in school i read about Greenhouse "Greenhouse are used to trap the sun-light energy and provide warmth to grow certain specific plants in cold regions" and now when i am working with Yuktix Technologies, things are getting more clear to me.  Yuktix is providing precision agriculture solutions, intelligent climate control solutions to develop specific micro-climate inside a greenhouse/poly-house. Along with this we are providing real time monitoring for greenhouse and poly-house. Well i will explain further about the solution which we at Yuktix provide, but before that i would like to discuss the benefits of  a greenhouse/poly-house for a farmer or a common man and this is getting my personal attraction.  So when we say what exactly is greenhouse/poly-house? I would like to first describe both of them and then i will differentiate them.  Greenhouse : A greenhouse is a building or complex where

Testing 3 phase motor with single phase supply

Testing 3 Phase motor with single phase supply When we are in office job or in corporate job, our life is full of comfort, weekends, holidays, CL, Medical leaves, others perks, office vehicle etc etc and life seems to be cool and happening. Things start changing when we start thinking and doing something of our own or you can say that when you want to be a entrepreneur. The basic difference between the both is that while being in corporate you are running a engine whom some one else had build and in later case, you are trying to build your engine by yourself and in that case you have to take care of everything, everything means everything starting from idea stage, development stage and when you are in embedded domain, you might even have to do plumbing, painting, electric work etc just like my boss in Yuktix has did and no wonder many other's have done, because there is no other way in the early stage of a start-up.  So the basic aim behind writing down this post was to s

Lab test and real time project side tests

Lab/office tests and real time project site tests - the basic difference It was i think our 5th trip to the greenhouse where we are implementing our greenhouse/polyhouse intelligent systems for internal climate control as well as real time monitoring of the variables. We have been testing our systems religiously in our office set-up which include testing and calibrating sensors, testing the PID loop which we had implemented, running 3-phase motors with our systems and off all testing the whole set-up which we are building.  But when we tested the same set-up on the client side, we realize the needness of getting on the road when you are building some thing from home and that too in the field of Embedded system, you cannot simply rely on the office test-set-up conditions and believe that system which we had build is robust, reliable and will work in every conditions. Believe me, real time conditions on any site where we are going to install our system very much vary from what we

My Last visit to a Greenhouse for Wireless Sensor Network Experiment

Trip to a Greenhouse in Tamil Nadu- WSN experiment.  It was 13th of Aug afternoon, we left our office (me and Srinivas) to our way to A greenhouse located on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. I had visited that greenhouse with my boss a day ago and today we were require to go over there to conduct a WSN(Wireless sensor network) experiment. That greenhouse was approximately 32km form our Bangalore office and we decide not to take bus but rather take scooty of one of our colleague. And here we were on scooty, on our way to greenhouse.  Our sole objective of conducting WSN experiment in that greenhouse was to test the LOS and Non LOS range of the wireless modules that we are using and to test the capability of wireless transmission of data which we had tested earlier in our office. It is always true that to test the real efficiency of a system, test it out in the field away from resources rather than testing it in office. In the same greenhouse we had already deployed our