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Yuktix technologies - Automatic Humidity Controller

Yuktix- Solution for Greenhouse - Automatic Humidity Controller.  Well as in last post " Greenhouse/Poly-houses - Developing micro-climate for farmers. " , we give a small description about Yuktix solutions for greenhouse and poly-house and how they can be used to improve the production level of greenhouse and poly-house. In this post, we will like to focus on one of the product i.e. "Automatic Humidity Controller." So when we talk about AHM (Automatic Humidity Controller), first question which arise is "what is AHM?". So answer is Yuktix AHM is Intelligent Automatic Humidity controller is a device that unlike a timer based system, take input from sensor installed (Temperature and Humidity sensor) and depending on the requirements as set by user, maintain humidity of greenhouse/poly-house chamber taking care of other variables. In simple words "AHM help in controlling humidity of poly-house and greenhouse chamber intelligently".  Need