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Smart Greenhouse - A ROI (Return on Investment) figure

Yuktix Smart Greenhouse Solution - Effectiveness and ROI Agriculture is backbone of any country and India rank 2nd in farm output, 50% of total workforce is in Agriculture and it add up 13.7% in India GDP. Still Agriculture is demographically the broadest economy sector and play a significant role in overall socio-economic fabric of India. With increasing burden of population, the pressure on land producing more output have increased and so as the pressure on the natural resources. In scenario like this, precision agriculture play a important role. And when the same precision agriculture is implemented in a confined area with controller environment, that practice is termed as greenhouse cultivation. So if i have to explain what Greenhouse cultivation is in simple words, it is "cultivation of vegetation in controlled environment, providing them artificial environment that facilitate their growth". Variable like Temperature, humidity, amount of light, CO2, soil moisture,

Remote Water Pollution monitoring for Bangalore lakes

Remote Water pollution monitoring A case study on Bangalore lakes. Bangalore - City of lakes Bangalore, officially know as Bengaluru is capital of Indian state of Karnataka and is the third most populated city in India. Bangalore is also know as IT capital of India. Bangalore is also famous for its moderate climate all round the year. Reason for the pleasant weather is that it is situated on the Deccan plateau and surrounded by hills from all side. Large amount of lakes in the city also play a important role for the pleasant weather. Lakes in Bangalore were a rich source of bio-diversity attracting lot of birds from outside to come down during seasonal changes making them again a source of attraction.  Earlier in 1985, there were 51 health lakes(Source : This link ) which were all together a good source of water consumption and they have now reduced to 17. Growing speed of population in Bangalore and encroachment by land builders are some of the main reason's for the

Yuktix Greenhouse Remote monitoring - A tool for Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Remote Monitoring  Remote monitoring , a tool or a service generally used by people sitting some where far away from a place where they have installed their instruments and they want to have a close look to the changing parameters of that place. In this era of development when people are doing a lot of work in wireless communication, low power sensor nodes, WSN(wireless sensor networks), 3G-4G networks, IOT and M2M, it has given a boost to remote monitoring. Some basic examples of remote monitoring Vehicle tracking system Ware house monitoring - Measuring the variables of greenhouse. Patient Monitoring. So when we talk about greenhouse remote monitoring, lets first see what happen now days in a typical greenhouse, taking a example of Rose Greenhouse.  In a typical rose greenhouse, generally people use manual thermometer and RH meter which measure real time humidity and moisture existing there and note it down in a copy or register date wise. At-least t