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Greenhouse Remote Monitoring 

Remote monitoring , a tool or a service generally used by people sitting some where far away from a place where they have installed their instruments and they want to have a close look to the changing parameters of that place. In this era of development when people are doing a lot of work in wireless communication, low power sensor nodes, WSN(wireless sensor networks), 3G-4G networks, IOT and M2M, it has given a boost to remote monitoring. Some basic examples of remote monitoring
  1. Vehicle tracking system
  2. Ware house monitoring - Measuring the variables of greenhouse.
  3. Patient Monitoring.
So when we talk about greenhouse remote monitoring, lets first see what happen now days in a typical greenhouse, taking a example of Rose Greenhouse. 

In a typical rose greenhouse, generally people use manual thermometer and RH meter which measure real time humidity and moisture existing there and note it down in a copy or register date wise. At-least this is what we had observer in India. After manual measurement, they turn ON/OFF their misting system or exhaust fans to control humidity or temperature. And they pass down the readings to their farm manager. 

Now a typical greenhouse manager or owner will have 2 or 3 greenhouse in different part of city or even country. For example Mr.A is owner of XYZ ltd, which has 5 greenhouse in Bangalore, Hosur, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai. Now he being a single guy (even though he has supervisors in each of his greenhouse) will like to know conditions of his greenhouse. And his greenhouse being in different part of city or country, he is unable to visit them on a regular basis and that is why he is dependent on what data is provided to him from his supervisors. Also if he get the wrong data then it might lead to decrease production or bad quality of flowers. Taking a simple example of chrysanthemum,when it is flowering it require 

(1)light for some specific amount of time 
(2)low humidity.

If above 2 things are not provided to them, flowers quality might degrade and thus no chance to export it. So these data of Humidity, temperature and lux is of uttermost importance to chrysanthemum growers at all their stages and if they have data, they can use the data to analyze what went wrong last time and can take necessary steps to overcome the same. 

So what Mr. A would like is to have a solution by which 
  1. Being in his home, he can see real time data of his different greenhouses. 
  2. See variation of data from last few days, few weeks, few months or even year. 
  3. Save the data in cloud to access it in future to analyze what went wrong in past and take steps to overcome the error. 
  4. Get notifications when things go out of range. 

So here Yuktix Wireless data-logger can help Mr. A with its remote monitoring solution that include 
  • Yuktix Wireless Data logger with precision sensor.
  • Yuktix Cloud.
  • Yuktix Android app.

Yuktix data-logger is a wireless data-logger which can send data to a remote server after a definite interval of time and that interval is customizable. That can be once per 3 minute(opted as of now), once per house or once per day. For more information regarding Yuktix data-logger(technical specifications), please visit www.yuktix.com. For greenhouse, people are mostly interested in knowing 3 parameters 
  1. Temperature
  2. Relative Humidity 
  3. Lux(Light) and some time CO2 also. 
Yuktix data-logger come with all these sensors(factory options). 

Yuktix Cloud provide the service of storing sensor data in NOSQL time series data base and show them visually on Yuktix website which you can see from anywhere. We can also run some complex algorithm on the same data to find out some usefull results like probability of disease happening to plants etc. Also Yuktix cloud service provide the service of notifications through message on mobile and notifications on email and Android app. A small screenshot of Yuktix Cloud app is below. 
yuktix cloud login page

 yuktix cloud landing page

Yuktix android app provide you a better way to have a eye on your greenhouse from your android phone. Yuktix Android app comes bundled with Yuktix data logger. With yuktix android app you can see all the real time data on the run. 

So Yuktix data logger can be efficient solution for greenhouse managers and greenhouse owners. With Yuktix data-logger installed at each of their greenhouse they can remotely monitor what climatic change is happening in their greenhouse and if they find any thing going wrong, they can alert their supervisors at the same time. Yuktix data-logger has following advantages. 

(1) Time saving
(2) Remote monitoring 
(3) Alerts and Notifications on mobile and email
(4) Real time data for analysis and thus can adopt various techniques to increase production like
      (a) Know the disease prediction for your greenhouse
      (b) Know when is the time for spraying pesticide 
      (c) Know when misting is required.
(5) Remove guess work and provide interface to Yuktix control solutions for greenhouse. 

so with all these advantages, greenhouse owners or farm managers don't have to run everytime to their greenhouses situated in different part of city or country, they can simply take out their mobile and can see what is happening. 

For more technical specifications, please visit this link  and for costing please drop us a mail at support@yuktix.com. We can customize our remote monitoring solutions for big greenhouses or as per users requirement.  

Happy Farming. 


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