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Smart Greenhouse - A ROI (Return on Investment) figure

Yuktix Smart Greenhouse Solution - Effectiveness and ROI Agriculture is backbone of any country and India rank 2nd in farm output, 50% of total workforce is in Agriculture and it add up 13.7% in India GDP. Still Agriculture is demographically the broadest economy sector and play a significant role in overall socio-economic fabric of India. With increasing burden of population, the pressure on land producing more output have increased and so as the pressure on the natural resources. In scenario like this, precision agriculture play a important role. And when the same precision agriculture is implemented in a confined area with controller environment, that practice is termed as greenhouse cultivation. So if i have to explain what Greenhouse cultivation is in simple words, it is "cultivation of vegetation in controlled environment, providing them artificial environment that facilitate their growth". Variable like Temperature, humidity, amount of light, CO2, soil moisture,