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Digitizing Indian Agriculture Institutes - Using Yuktix IOT platform.

Digitizing Indian Agriculture Institutes - Using Yuktix IOT platform - Part 1 During our first visit to one of Agriculture institutes based out of Bangalore, we were told a problem which they were facing in getting access to the Automatic Weather station data from the servers. Their Automatic Weather Station use  K-band satellite  communication.  (1) Process take a long time to access the archive of past data.  (2) Login details were not shared with them  (3) No analysis of data.  (4) No customization as per their needs.  (5) Data aggregation is a problem.  And thus they were based on a manual weather station observatory. They use to take 2 readings per day, share the same reading with IMD (Indian Meteorological department), get the weather forecast and share the weather forecast with the farmers.  And problem with taking 2 readings in the day is that there is lot of variation of weather parameters during  the whole day, increasing frequency of data capturing can

Air Quality in Indian Cities - Part 2 - AQI and what to measure

Air quality Index (AQI) and what to measure - Particles and Gases This is second article in the series of articles Yuktix is publishing on air quality. First part of this series looked at the requirements of measuring air quality in Indian cities. We tried to answer why we should measure air quality and how we can develop a plan to do so on a budget. Here in this article, we look at what variables to measure and what comprises air quality index and how we should report and interpret it. The best place to look for information related to air quality is US environment protection agency (referred to as EPA in this article).   There are many gases and different types of particles present in the environment around us. Most can have harmful effect on humans in higher/lower concentrations so it is important to know what we want to measure under ordinary circumstances, e.g. when we are walking on the road or sitting on porch sipping coffee. The Air quality index (AQI) of EPA, USA compri