Digitizing Indian Agriculture Institutes - Using Yuktix IOT platform.

Digitizing Indian Agriculture Institutes - Using Yuktix IOT platform - Part 1

During our first visit to one of Agriculture institutes based out of Bangalore, we were told a problem which they were facing in getting access to the Automatic Weather station data from the servers. Their Automatic Weather Station use K-band satellite communication. 
(1) Process take a long time to access the archive of past data. 
(2) Login details were not shared with them 
(3) No analysis of data. 
(4) No customization as per their needs. 
(5) Data aggregation is a problem. 
And thus they were based on a manual weather station observatory. They use to take 2 readings per day, share the same reading with IMD (Indian Meteorological department), get the weather forecast and share the weather forecast with the farmers.  And problem with taking 2 readings in the day is that there is lot of variation of weather parameters during  the whole day, increasing frequency of data capturing can resolve the problem. 
This is where Yuktix Automatic Weather Station come into action. We started developing Automatic Weather stations around Yuktix IOT platform for a weather enthusiasts based out of Bangalore facing the same problem of getting access to weather data from IMD. The project was named as Bangalore Open weather project. You can access the same www.yuktix.com/m/aws .
You can read more about the project at Knowyourclimate blog and at this link.  At present we are running 18 weather stations in Bangalore and Mysore. We deployed fully solar power Automatic Weather station at the same institute with 10 sensor. Yuktix Automatic Weather station, sample environment data after every 15 second, take a average and send it to server after every 3 minutes, thus not missing even the smallest change in the weather. 
How it solve the problem :
(1) Now without going to observatory in person, they now get the real time data on their screen. 
(2) They can get access to the raw data from Yuktix Archive for their research. 
(3) Customization is easily possible on what to show and what not to. 
(4) Analysis of received data, like hourly average, Daily average, Mix, Max and Average is possible. 
(5) Data is displayed using Graphs for last 6 hour, last day, last week.
You can read more about Yuktix Cloud features at this link. The best part of Yuktix Automatic Weather station is that it's a complete package of Hardware (Data acquisition unit and sensors) , Cloud server (Yuktix Cloud), Web-app (Yuktix Web app) and Android application (Yuktix Android application). We have developed a new application for one of the premier Agriculture research institute based out of Bangalore and very soon we are going to deploy a set-up of 15 sensor in their campus. 
So this is how we are going to digitize the process of data capturing, analysis and display using Yuktix complete IOT platform. Below is the image of android app displaying all the stations on a 49" LCD TV.
Yuktix is using the same IOT platform in the field of environmental monitoring (Air quality) for smart cities,  Greenhouse internal environment monitoring and in different other fields of Agriculture. 


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