Saturday, 12 March 2016

Digitizing Indian Agriculture Institutes - Using Yuktix IOT platform - Part 2

Digitizing Indian Agriculture Institutes - Using Yuktix IOT platform - Part 2 - Installation. 

Today, Yuktix team finished up installing off-grid, solar powered Automatic Weather station and Air quality station at one of the Agricultural institute based out of Bangalore. In all, there are net 16 sensor installed in the site and it is 1st of its kind of installation by Yuktix Technologies. Along with Automatic Weather Station and Air Quality Station, a quad-copter fitted with a wireless camera is also supplied to the institute. There is further talk of how to effectively use the live feed of wireless camera in generating NDVI imagery which can be very useful for a agriculture institute in knowing the "greenness" or photosynthetic activity. 

In our last blog, we talked about how we are digitizing Indian Agriculture institutes with Yuktix IOT platform. For any IoT platform, data capturing from the physical environment is one of the major part and that is done using multiple available communication options. In our case we have use GPRS for posting captured data from the environment to the  Yuktix Cloud. Below is small pictorial description of how we do that. 

Sensor's in this case are 
  1. Atmospheric Temperature
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Pressure
  4. Rainfall
  5. Wind speed
  6. Wind direction 
  7. Leaf wetness
  8. Soil Dielectric Permitivity (using TOPP's equation, we can find out moisture for different type of soils.)
  9. Soil temperature
  10. Solar Irradiance
  11. CO
  12. CO2
  13. NH3
  14. PM2.5
  15. PM10
  16. And Ambient Noise
Below are some of the photos of our present installation. 

Data from above mentioned sensor are captured by Yuktix device and pushed to Yuktix cloud via GPRS where it is stored in a time-series database . Once data is stored, it is then displayed on Yuktix Web-application in real time with in different forms. You can see data for 
  1. For part 6 hour in raw format.
  2. For past day (average of one hour) and 
  3. For past week. 

You can even scroll and see the past data. We even provide the raw data stored in our archive, so if any researcher is interested to do his/her research, he can use raw data available in .xlxs format or .csv format. We even have public and private API's, which can be used to fetch data from our server and thus any one can use our data. Data from our servers can also be ported to other clouds, so there is no data silos. There are lot of other features of Yuktix cloud, which we will be discussing in our other blog. 

Along with all above mentioned features of Yuktix IOT platform, Yuktix Android application is yet another important feature. In our present installation, we have used Android OTT to deploy our application in the institute and institute has become one of first of its kind of Institute to use such technology to display weather related information in real time in their premises. Below are some of the pics while we were testing the OTT box in our office and while we were installing the TV in institute premise. 

And this is how, we at Yuktix Technologies provide end-to-end complete IoT solution for Indian Agricultural Institutes, so that they can get data in their office in real time without putting much of the effort. 

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