Bangalore is getting hotter - march 2016 vs. 2015 temperature data in pictures

We record temperature data across the city and here we show graphs from two stations, one inHSR Layout and another in Jayanagar 4th Block.  Raw data from more stations is attached for intrepid folks. We show the trend for minimum, maximum and average temperature plotted across days in march 2015 vs. march 2016.

First, the Jayanagar station.

Both the minimum temperature as well as Maximum has gone up so no cheating averages here. The days were actually hotter on the whole! Maybe I will plot raw data across too instead of aggregates just to get the kicks. Interesting data is that first half of march was lot hotter compared to second half.  Last 5 days the temperatures actually come closer together. The spread in average is a good deal of 3-4 degrees centigrade.

Now the HSR station

Look at the max and min. here too! The spread is 5-6 degrees more than the last year! Should we say that HSR in first half of march in 2016 was 5 degrees hotter than 2015? 

As a bonus, the raw data points for 4 stations are attached. Usual caveat emptors apply.  The zero points are because of errors in parsing floating points. I will fix the script. (someday...)

Update: Scroll has published an article on Hot Bangalore


  1. Interesting. Would like to see the data. But I'm not able find the attachments here.

    1. Unfortunately we were not able to attach raw data along with this post. But you can have a look at for more information.


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