Yuktix python library to get Bangalore weather network data

Here we are releasing our python library for accessing Yuktix public API. This release is limited to weather network and public API only.

You can access the public API doc from here http://www.yuktix.com/m/aws/media/yuktix-public-api.pdf . Yuktix public API are REST API and of course you can write a client in your favourite language. All you need is your public API access key that you can see on your account | profile page.

This is a wrapper built using Request library (http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/) and tested with Python 2.7.11. The full code is available as Gist right now. I will do better packaging and check it in a Github repo as well. I know all about API abuse. we are a small team and the only time I get to work on such stuff is between 12:00-3 AM so please play nice!

The Library 


The script 



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