From Sensors to cloud - Digitizing Agriculture Research

"How do you get data for experiments"? I asked this question to one of the scientist working in an Agriculture institute. We do measurements twice a day, morning 8'0 clock and afternoon 2 pm, pat came the reply. Two data points for temperature and humidity. Wind speed is a counter and wind direction is inspected manually. This same data is used by researchers developing predictive models at their center. Then I made a suggestion. what if we automate the data collection process for not just above 4 variables but 10 and increase the data points to 300 per day? Now it was his turn to get excited. "It would be awesome! I can then focus more on developing models. I can as well do better modeling."

This conversation fits the same pattern whenever I talk to researchers. The reasons can be easy to see. Recently, we came in touch with one of the scientists working in the environmental science field at Kerala University, Trivandrum. After our discussions, the requirements were similar. Can we automate the process of data collection and analysis?

I have just come back from installing a Yuktix solar powered research grade weather station in their department premises with following sensors.
1. Temperature 2. Humidity 3. Pressure 4. Rainfall 5. Wind speed 6. Wind direction 7. Soil Moisture (VWC) 8. Soil temperature 9. Solar Radiation 10.Leaf Wetness 11. Digital Pan Evaporation meter

As part of our Yuktix software bundle they get 1. Access to real time data from anywhere, anytime 2. Downloading raw data between two dates 3. Downloading aggregate data between 2 dates (minimum, maximum and average etc.) 4. Daily, weekly and monthly reports on email with attached .csv file 5. Alert rules for variables and notification via SMS and Email. 6. Sunshine hours calculation, ETO reports, Peak detection analysis. 7. Add custom reports (on-demand feature). 8. Outliers filtering

A LCD TV was also installed in the reception area to show data and reports from the weather station. Below is the screencast.

Yuktix Solar Powered Automatic Weather station

Yuktix Weather station is powered by Yuktix wireless sensing platform. Data collected by Yuktix Weather Station is pushed to Yuktix cloud. The cloud makes this data available for real time access and monitoring. Then Yuktix ankidb can access the same data via API and run statistical and other calculations to prepare reports for your subscriber base. Yuktix AnkiDB can (1) Receive data using Yuktix cloud API, (2) Run outlier filtering to remove the sensor errors, (3) Store the data in a time series data store, (4) Run computation modules for devices, (5) Generate reports for subscribers, (6) Send notifications to the users (7) Display the data on our web GUI (8) Make the data available for further integration using REST API.
In case if you want a research grade weather station installed in your institute, please contact team Yuktix at +91-8884315300 or drop us a line on


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