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GreenSense for Potato Plantation - A case study for Climate Smart Agriculture

GreenSense for Potato Plantations  - Smart Soil sensing  Introduction - Potato is considered to be king of food staples and there won't be a single day that it is not used in a kitchen. As per Wikipedia most of the potato production happen in EU and Asia continent but China is the largest producer with 99.1 million tones followed by EU and India. Below is a image showing geographical distribution of potatoes production.  Source - Wikipedia  In India the top most potato producing states are Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh. Below is a image depicting the production of pototes in different parts of India.  Source - Potatopro Sensing is required thought out the whole eco-system of potato starting from  growing of seeds,  storage of seeds in cold storage ( if not stored in proper conditions, it can destroy all the seeds ).  during the transport of seeds to plantation area, during the growth of potato in the field and  du

GreenSense for Vineyards - A case study for Climate Smart Agriculture

GreenSense for Vineyards - Downy Mildew Prediction for Grape Yuktix GreenSense deployment in a Vineyard.  Introduction - As per FAO 75,866 square kilometer of world is under grapes production with Spain leading in term of area under production for wine making. Mainly grapes are of two type - Table Grape and Wine grape. Out of 10,000 type of only 1300 are used for Wine. While the grapes which are used for wine or juice production, or for drying into raisins making don't care much about how grape is looking but the table grapes are intended for consumption while fresh which are exported and used to eat, the look of the grapes matter much.  Source - Wikipedia India is also among the top 20 countries in production of grapes. As per APEDA , currently grapes is cultivated in an area of 123 thousand hectares occupying 2.01 % of the total area and has exported 334.79 Million USD worth of grapes. In India Garpes are majoryly grown in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka,

Smart Sensing for Greenhouse using Yuktix GreenSense

Smart Sensing for Greenhouse  Sensing play a important role in Farming, be it open field or closed environment like Greenhouse or Poly-house. You can read more about application of smart sensing in Agriculture in these blogs ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) and a whitepaper which we have published. S mart Sensing is application of sensors to measure the environmental variables like weather, soil, water which impact the activities during pre and post harvest in order to improve the productivity, production and reduce loss. While in open field agriculture, you cannot control the weather but only can take preventive measure, in a closed environment agriculture like Greenhouse, Poly-house you control the environment and make is suitable for the growth of plant like altering the temperature, humidity, soil moisture, CO2 content, Lux. Previously we have published couple of articles regarding how  What can be sensed in a Greenhouse i.e. environmental variables which impact the plant g