GreenSense for Vineyards - A case study for Climate Smart Agriculture

GreenSense for Vineyards - Downy Mildew Prediction for Grape

Yuktix GreenSense deployment in a Vineyard. 

Introduction - As per FAO 75,866 square kilometer of world is under grapes production with Spain leading in term of area under production for wine making. Mainly grapes are of two type - Table Grape and Wine grape. Out of 10,000 type of only 1300 are used for Wine. While the grapes which are used for wine or juice production, or for drying into raisins making don't care much about how grape is looking but the table grapes are intended for consumption while fresh which are exported and used to eat, the look of the grapes matter much. 

Source - Wikipedia
India is also among the top 20 countries in production of grapes. As per APEDA, currently grapes is cultivated in an area of 123 thousand hectares occupying 2.01 % of the total area and has exported 334.79 Million USD worth of grapes. In India Garpes are majoryly grown in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana,Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and the north-western region covering Punjab, Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Maharashta ranks first in terms of production accounting for more than 81.22 % of total production and highest productivity in the country.

Source - Wikipedia 

Client - Table Grape grower in Karnataka 

Product - Yuktix GreenSense and ankiDB™ cloud

The Problem - Downy and Powdery mildew are one the most common disease in Grapes. Sometime the loss due to these disease can be upto 50% of the total production. Pathogens thrive in certain weather conditions and access to weather data and pathogen life cycle can predict diseases in crops. The user wanted an economical solution to accurately predict the onset of disease so that pesticide spraying can be regulated more effectively.


  • Remote location and large plantation. Existence of micro-climate and thus disease hot-spots. 
  • An integrated economical solution was required.
  • 24x7 real-time data capture was required.
  • As there was not forecast of disease, spraying was done in the whole vineyard leading to excess usage. 
  • No digital assistant to manual inspection of disease occurrence. 

The Solution - Yuktix Solar powered Wireless nodes with battery were deployed in the Vineyard at 4 different location to capture hyper-local data along with 1 Yutkix Solar powered Gateway with GPRS communication. The variables of interest were

  • Air Temperature 
  • Air Humidity 
  • Soil Moisture 
  • Leaf Wetness 
  • Rainfall 

The data collected from the nodes was analyzed using ankiDB™ computation engine running Broome Model. The onset of Downy mildew was calculated and assigned a probability. A report was generated on daily basis and shared with users over email and SMS. The same real time data was made available to the user via GreenSense dashboard. A Agronomist advisory was also provided on which pesticide or insecticide to spray. Using the Soil moisture data collected by the sensor, soil moisture stress index was calculated and irrigation advisory was also provided to the user which earlier was not available. 

We right now are also integrating Satellite imagery to our solution to provide additional data to make data driven decision more effective. Using images in different spectrum captured by the satellite, we are able to calculate the NDVI of the plantation and able to locate the hot-spots thus providing additional support to data driven decision.


  1. 30% reduction in man-work hour 
  2. 25% reduction in usage of pesticide. 
  3. 15% reduction in amount of water usage.

If you are Grape Vineyard Owner or have a table grape plantation and you are struggling with excess usage of pesticide, disease and pest attack, irrigation problem and spend too much time in collection of data and manual inspection, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help and provide best of our services. You can drop us a email at or call us at +91-8884315300 or fill our this form and we will reach out to you.


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