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Why Grower Should Invest in Precision Agriculture

  In India, the agriculture sector contributes more than 15% of GDP. With more than 50% of the country’s population dependent on agriculture, it is alarming that farmers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the return on investment (ROI) they receive from farming.   Several factors result in losses if not managed wisely and thus results in diminishing ROI like Fertilizer and irrigation costs, Insufficient measures to protect seeds, Severe weather conditions affecting crops, Unpredictable costs of pest control, Harvesting expenses, Labor costs, Storage of products, Rental, and transportation costs of agricultural machinery, Lack of open data from other growers and agribusinesses on cultivation processes.   Thinking about and switching to the use of technology is no longer an option rather has become a necessity for farmers. The most significant benefit of precision agriculture is its potential to help farmers overcome the threat to global food security. The farmers no longer have