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Usage of IoT in Agriculture B2B Companies

Introduction  Usage of IoT in Agri B2B companies  IoT - as the term said - internet of things. IoT helps us capture physical variables and convert them into digital assets which can be used by the organization. The penetration of IoT in other verticals like Industries ( IoT), Smart Cities, Medical industry is comparatively higher as compared to agriculture. IoT in agriculture is still gaining traction and with a huge market, it certainly will get into the mainstream.  The need - Explained with an example. Mr. Manoj is a Senior Production manager in an international FMCG. The company deals in  Production of saplings inside a Greenhouse  Seed Replication - they give the seeds to farmers for replication  Seed storage - they store the seeds in Cold Storage  Transplantation of seeds in field and pre-harvest stage.       All the stages play an important role in the final production of FMCG products and if any stage is affected, it affects the production and thus the inability of the company