Usage of IoT in Agriculture B2B Companies


Usage of IoT in Agri B2B companies 

IoT - as the term said - internet of things. IoT helps us capture physical variables and convert them into digital assets which can be used by the organization. The penetration of IoT in other verticals like Industries ( IoT), Smart Cities, Medical industry is comparatively higher as compared to agriculture. IoT in agriculture is still gaining traction and with a huge market, it certainly will get into the mainstream. 

The need - Explained with an example.

Mr. Manoj is a Senior Production manager in an international FMCG. The company deals in 

  • Production of saplings inside a Greenhouse 
  • Seed Replication - they give the seeds to farmers for replication 
  • Seed storage - they store the seeds in Cold Storage 
  • Transplantation of seeds in field and pre-harvest stage. 


All the stages play an important role in the final production of FMCG products and if any stage is affected, it affects the production and thus the inability of the company to meet the market need. 

One way for the Senior production manager is to establish a manual process of monitoring for example - an agronomist who collects data and then analyzes data or dependency on the farmer who is helping them replicate the seeds. Similarly, he allocates a person to keep monitoring the internal environment of the cold storage. 

Again during the pre-harvest stage, either he has to allocate a resource for monitoring the conditions of the field which is an error-prone and lengthy process or he/she should depend upon the goodwill of the farmer to follow all the activities and keep informing him. 

Even after he has all the data, the data need to be shared with the respective stakeholders in a distributed team either in the form of 

  1.  Daily or weekly or monthly report 
  2.  Email reports 
  3.  Quarterly reports for management 
  4.  Data download
  5.  Analysis - irrigation hours, fertigation hours, hours of rain, disease incidences, manual scouting 

The company would also like to track other variables like 

  1. Tracking the assets and their usage - like tractor tracking or fuel level tracking 
  2. Volume of water used, images from the field, employee tracking, or attendance. 
  3. The volume of spray in a specific location 
  4. Occupancy of the trolly 
  5. Satellite images of the field. 

The whole process revolves around 5W's of Agriculture 

  • When and Where? 
  • What and How?
  • What to do?

Now, this whole process is time-consuming, starting from the collection of data from the field, related analysis, and report preparation. At the same time, every B2B company is very serious about on-premise deployment and wants to take ownership of the data. They don't want data to be hosted on any cloud server and instead need this data to be there on their data center.


This is Where Yuktix® Gidabits comes into the picture. Yuktix® GidaBits is a next-generation agri-intelligence platform for growers. Gigabits combine the power of IoT ( Internet of things), data analytics, and AI to provide crop-specific insights and actionable intelligence. 

GidaBits platform also provides the feature of generating daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports for the distributed team and deliver them to the email.

In our next blog, we will explain with the help of an example how Yuktix® GidaBits has helped an FMCG in implementing the IoT across the whole agriculture value chain starting from tissue culture to seed replication to cold storage to pre-harvest activities and how the real-time data was made available to the researcher, production and management team seamlessly. 

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