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Example of IoT Implementation in a B2B Agriculture FMCG Company

In continuation to our previous blog, in this blog, we will be talking about the implementation of IoT across the agriculture value chain for B2B companies and how it has really helped them.  Inside a Lab  - tissue culture or micropropagation as a means of multiplying disease-free plants that can then be used to produce healthy seed tubers for farmers. Potato is susceptible to a lot of diseases. This is where tissue culture plays an important role. First, viruses and other pathogens are eliminated by growing potato plants in a controlled environment at high temperatures. The disease-free shoot tips of the plants are then placed on a standard nutrient medium in glass containers (in vitro) in a completely sterile laboratory environment.  This is where continuous temperature and humidity monitoring is required. The data collected by the sensor is sent to the researchers via the dashboard.  Inside the Greenhouse - The tips develop into plantlets that are then transferred to either a green