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Smart irrigation using IoT and AI

Since irrigation is predicted to stay a dominant utilizer of water, irrigation in India tends to consume around 84% of water at present. With this being said, it has become essential to leverage AI and IoT in an attempt to conserve water through smart irrigation. A smart system tends to play a crucial role in varied agriculture parts such as energy efficiency, smart irrigation, decision making, and many more.  Smart irrigation is an advanced approach that incorporates hardware ( IoT ), Firmware ( software on hardware ), and software ( AI - that computes the demand ) along with other inputs like plant growth stage, soil type.  Our society needs to implement smart irrigation to utilize water effectively.   The different types of irrigation in India Well irrigation   In states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, numerous wells can be located, each of them being used for irrigation purposes by farmers. Moreover, people tend to install a tube well at locations where there’s groundwater available